Yes I Can

Yes I Can!

Teach your children to celebrate the good things.










Children can be captivated by comic book super heroes. It makes sense, as so much of the world seems out of their control, and they are given new challenges every day. That’s why it’s so thrilling when we show them that they, too, have superpowers, and their most important power is a Yes I Can attitude! It’s like magic. Whether you call it The Secret or The Law of Attraction, the basic truth is the same: we all can tap into our innate abilities to create the life you we want by creating a vortex of positivity. Through our beliefs, attitude, and words, we bring to life our thoughts and desires and we attract boundless opportunities. Understanding this universal truth can be empowering, and a family centered on this way of thinking will be strong, resilient against challenges and super-charged with successful energy. Fortunately, with a little mindfulness and regular practice, you and your children can accept and harness all the power that’s within you, shining a light on your super fantastic superpowers—cape and costume optional.

97% of people don’t reach their goals, and the biggest difference between the majority and the more successful 3% is attitude!

Simple Steps:

  • Begin your family’s day with short affirmations. The more you tell yourself, “I am the creator of my life,” the easier it will be for you to accept and channel that power. As that affirmation starts to feel more natural, you can add to it with intentions that are meaningful to you. “I am the creator of life and I’m reaching my goal of….” Child-friendly versions can include “I make my day super special!” Keep it positive and in the present tense. Celebrate that good things are happening now and you’ll attract even more.
  • Do something different. Take a new route to work, try a new recipe, wear a new color. These small changes help you step outside your comfort zone and practice seeing yourself from a new perspective. Talk about your process outloud as you do it, so your children see you embracing the adventure of something new. They will develop an outlook that is free of anxiety and they’ll find it easy to identify opportunity. Making even tiny changes to routines wake us up to the wonderfulness around us, and it also reinforces the fact that you can change your reality by simply making new decisions.
  • Say yes to a new challenge. Resolve to accept a new challenge that comes your way. The act of saying yes invites the opportunity for success into your life and acknowledges that you are capable of achieving it. Help your child identify new, exciting challenges with a “Yes I Can” exuberance.
  • Celebrate family successes. Take the time to recognize and celebrate achievements. Celebrate an improved attitude, a work success, a challenge met or a connection made. This helps your family shift its focus to the good in your life and activates the power of positivity to attract even more.

Learn More:

Use daily affirmations online to help you focus on the positive in life. Life Organizers offers a guide for creating a positive attitude habit in 21 days. Mindpower for Children offers cool affirmations that will suit children of many ages.