Welcome to “Grateful Monday’s!”May. 14th

We are excited to start our new weekly program… Gratitude Monday’s!  This is simply us sharing a question that is designed to generate a shift in awareness toward something in your life that you are feeling grateful for.

The Gratitude Question for today is:

What do you have an abundance of?

The genesis of this question comes from Cafe Gratitude and their daily “Question of the Day” service that anyone can access by signing up on their website.  It is actually the second phase of a ‘clearing process’ that employees of Cafe Gratitude get to do as they begin each shift – the intention of which is to allow each person to become present to, and share with someone, what is going on in their lives, so they are able to fully participate in the present moment.  For our purposes, we are sharing the ‘shifting question’ that brings the awareness of some aspect of fullness and abundance in our lives. (For example, if you are reading this, you are breathing air!  That is a good place to start!)

More and more experts in the realms of psychology and human potential point to one of the most powerful tools available to change our lives: focus on what is RIGHT right now. A good friend of mine will often suggest that I write a Gratitude List when she hears me sounding like a broken record about the situations in my life that have me feeling STUCK!  Although I am not always thrilled to receive this reminder, it is always amazing to me how well it works to shift how I feel and create space for more good to arrive.  We even created an article in our Simple as ABC’s to talk about helping your kids to generate a Gratitude Attitude.

We wanted to be like that friend that helps us shift out of our stuck mode, and we thought, what better time to do it than on a Monday(!) 

We would be totally remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the magnificent Terces and Matthew Englehart, founders of Cafe Gratitude, for their commitment to BEING LOVE on the planet.  You can see a wonderful interview they granted us on our Playful Tube page.



Oh yeah, my answer today to what I have an abundance of is: Love, Support and Possibility!