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Getting outside has also been proven to help lower stress levels and put people in a better mood. If you choose to walk instead of drive, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint as well. Lace up your sneakers, and let’s go for a walk!

Walking on a regular basis lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and diabetes.

Studies have shown that positive thinking can decrease physical pain, boost the immune system, improve athletic performance and help people generally feel happier.

Simple Steps

  • Make walking a family habit. Going for a nightly walk after dinner is a great way to make sure everyone gets a chance to relax together and talk, far away from the distractions of TVs and computers. You might also find yourself meeting more of your neighbors.
  • Walk to lunch. Encourage your co-workers to walk to a nearby restaurant during your lunch break. Better yet, pack a lunch and walk to a park to enjoy a mini-picnic.
  • Walk to school. If you live close enough, skip the long line of slow moving cars and walk your child to and from school or the bus stop.
  • The more you walk, the more you’ll discover about the people and places in your local community that you’ve been driving by for years. You’ll also feel better!

Learn More

Read more about the health benefits of walking and how to do it safely. WalkingInfo.org also offers more ideas for walking more often.