Here are 5 Tips for saving our kids from Scary Sugar Stories on Halloween, without being a bad “Witch”. Truthfully, I’m dreading bringing this up, talking about SUGAR on Halloween? The most poorly received public presentation I ever made was talking to a corporate group about office culture and nutrition, bringing up how sugar creates health problems and how the office should not allow employees and solicitors to populate the break room with sugary delights. Not only were there crickets in the room but the glares I got for the rest of the week drove home how sugary rituals are part of the joy people took in their workdays. So, please allow me to spare you the details of why we want to limit the sugar in our diets for another day (or by special request) and merely provide a small pitch and resources to help make Halloween time a less sugary event, should that be on YOUR list of priorities.


EVENTS – Many community centers, churches, and organizations have events designed to be fun alternatives to trick or treating. Having the kids wear themselves out in bounce houses, bobbing for apples, playing games for prizes, etc… may just wear them out enough to make Trick or Treating a smaller part of Halloween rather than the main event, or eliminate it altogether. To find events in your area, google Halloween events in your city or county, or contact a local news provider.

Switch WitchSWITCH WITCH –  If “trick or treating” is the absolute favorite activity and does produce prodigious amounts of candy, consider using a “Switch Witch” approach Just remember to set up the story some days before Halloween. You can also call it the “Candy Fairy” if your children are scared of witches and don’t like the thought of her creeping into their houses while they sleep. You can either dump all the candy or let your child keep a few of their favorites and get rid of the rest.

Candy Trading



CANDY TRADING   some dentists offices accept candy trade-ins for little prizes and send the sweets as little gifts to our troops overseas. My 5 year old did ask the question “if sweets are bad for us, why are they good for the troops?” I think my answer mentioned that they’d only be getting a few pieces each so it wouldn’t send them to the dentist’s office straight away with a cavity, but it would nicely remind them of being a kid again.

Sugar Substitues


SUGAR SUBSTITUTES – If you are motivated to bake, there are many sugar substitutes that taste great hidden in cookies and other treats, and are far less harmful than refined white sugar. Also, if you are supplying treats for your community party or for trick or treaters, consider giving out glow sticks or other party favor toys instead, most small children will like them even better than edible treats and you and your kids won’t be tempted to sample the goods.

Learn MoreLEARN MORE about the effects of refined sugar on children’s bodies and why too much candy can be harmful to their health. Do it together and make a game of learning more, and let them teach you, too, so everyone will respect the decision to limit sugar in the family diet. For small children short and sweet explanations work best, like “it gives us tummy aches or gives us tooth aches”, and as children get older, invite them to watch a documentary like one that we recommend: Katie Couric’s “Fed Up”. 

Grateful Monday- Grateful to have a wonderful old Post to share!Oct. 30th

With the holidays coming up and life moving fast, it is important to take the time to be grateful for what we do have! We are grateful to have some wonderful content to bring back to life…especially with these busy times! So enjoy Switch Witch below. And rest assured we will be back next Monday, grateful as ever!

Last year a friend of mine told me about an amazing solution for doing away with TOO MUCH CANDY as a result of Halloween trick-or-treating. The TRICK is to get your kids on board with inviting The Switch Witch to come on Halloween night and switch out all the candy they grabbed in exchange for a toy.Halloween_candy

The way Ive heard it told is that one of the benefits (in a kids mind) is they get to eat as much candy as they want on Halloween itself, and then before bed ALL the REST of the candy gets put out for the big switcheroo. As they sleep, The Switch Witch (not unlike the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny or any of those other middle of the night visitors,) comes in and replaces the candy loot with one brand new toy.

I had never heSwitch_Witchard of this brilliant solution before. In the past, my little dollys stash had stayed in a high cupboard to be slowly doled out and usually joined by Easter Bunny booty several months down the road. But as I thought about sharing this great idea here, I thought I best look into it and come to find out, there is some Switch Witch lore out there. Theres actually The Switch Witch book(!) that I have not had the pleasure of reading yet, but it looks really great. And a Facebook page to go along with it.

Now I would be remiss if I didnt suggest that Storyland Yoga might be a great Switch Witch gift, but I would also like to offer another solution. Seek out a fun toy or game (or if your child is anything like my child, a beautiful new outfit might be the thing, ) at a store you can feel REALLY good about buying from, like Summer for Kids in Montecito, CA. They carry only products that are safe for kids and environmentally friendly, offer online purchasing and are you ready for this 100% of proceeds go to kids charities. That is NOT a typo 100%. Check it out for yourself and see.

Im looking forward to a new tradition in our household. (Now the only trick left is how to get that candy out of my hands before it ends up on my thighs!)