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Benefits Of Kid's Yoga

Benefits Of Kid's Yoga

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Are you interested in introducing your child to yoga?  Take a look at this e-book to learn more about some of the surprising benefits of kid's yoga - physical, mental and emotional - that can come from this ancient form of 'understanding the meaning of the nature of things.' You may learn a thing or two for yourself! A children’s yoga practice can improve strength, focus and calmness, while enhancing physical health and emotional well-being


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So many kids today are living in 'virtual reality' and sedentary lifestyles. Yoga is an option for very young children that connects them with all living things, fosters a calmer, more emotionally stable, higher self-esteemed and more focused child and adolescent. An alternative that empowers children, rather than numbing them. Yoga is gentle, centering, calming, and can be practiced at an early age and last a lifetime. Yoga provides a gentle physical activity that helps kids to regulate their emotions and manage stress by being more centered and calm. Yoga is especially important during a child’s formative years of development. Yoga contributes to a healthier body and greater self-esteem.

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