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One reason many of us choose to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to preserve our precious resources for future generations.

We understand that we share this planet with others. A great way to make sure our children will be able to enjoy a healthy environment is to practice one of the same lessons we constantly teach them: sharing. When we share our resources, we use less overall and we feel a stronger connection to the people around us. We can also set a great example for our children.

If the entire world lived like the average American, we would need 5 planets to provide enough resources!  On their Mission Statement page, The Pachamama Alliance reports that “if present trends continue, the probable future for life on Earth will be defined by periods of substantial social, environmental, and economic disruption, if not complete collapse.”  This statement is based on a compilation of research done over decades by hundreds of scientists, experts and concerned individuals.

Simple Steps

  • Start a carpool at work. Encourage your co-workers to save money while they’re reducing their fuel consumption.
  • Buy local. This is a good way to keep your resources circulating through your community and get to know your neighbors. The more you talk to your neighbors, the better prepared you’ll be to come up with conservation ideas that make sense in your area.
  • Donate your stuff. When you’re done using an item, pass it on to someone else. You can donate to your local thrift store or get involved with your local FreeCycle group.
  • Buy Used. Help close the recycling loop by looking for used items before you make a purchase. Check garage sales, thrift shops, and classified ads.

Learn More

Read about The Pachamama Alliance, whose stated mission is to “inspire and galvanize the human family to generate a critical mass of conscious commitment to a thriving, just and sustainable way of life on Earth. This is a commitment to transforming human systems and structures that separate us…”  They have an international network of committed volunteers who provide trainings for groups small and large, under the banner, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream. If you can’t find a Symposium near you, there is now a DVD and streaming versions available.