What People Are Saying About Storyland Yoga

“Every parent’s dream is a DVD that gets kids moving and participating rather than just passively watching. In this DVD, children’s yoga instructor Ahmed Fahmy tells tow imaginative eco-themed tales to a group of rapt children, ages 3 to 8, and leads them through poses that let them become the fragile eggshells, soaring condors, and leaping dolphins of the stories.  There’s footage of the kids practicing outside and animation illustrating eco-adventrues.  Fahmy’s involvement with the stories is contagious, and the kids enthusiastically follow his lead. ~ Chrissandra Fox, Yoga Journal


As a mom it feels good for my soul to put in a DVD that I know will engage my kids AND educate them AND entertain them. This is a beautifully done DVD with an engaging story that also teaches the kids about yoga and staying active. The use of imagination is just brilliant and again, it’s something I often forget. The power of my kids’ imaginations…and this DVD fuels it so naturally. It’s obvious that this product was done by professionals with a lot of heart and understanding of what kids like. It’s the kind of gift you can buy for kids or a mom and not feel guilty about just giving another meaningless toy. Great product!
~ Leane Vandeman (from Reviews)


I have two four-year-olds and they love this DVD. The use of storytelling keeps their attention, but it really does teach them yoga moves! My kids like to roll their mats out and follow along. If you are going to let the kids watch tv, this is the perfect option, because it keeps them active and engaged. Very imaginative and professionally done.
~ Kristen Howerton (from Reviews)


I gotta say, my seven year old was so taken with this DVD, I was surprised. She did all the moves and really got into the whole “scene’. I would absolutely give this to a friend to do with their kids. I think children as young as 5 would love this. Very engaging and yet a nice quick little “workout” for the kids and mom and dad.
~ Nan Carp (from Reviews)


“Have you ever seen kids completely mesmerized by a DVD that wasn’t a cartoon or movie? Me neither until we played Playful Planet’s Storyland Yoga DVD for our kids. My son Marcel (5 yrs) and my daughter Valentina (2 1/2 yrs) were stopped in their tracks and began imagination play with Ahmed once I started the DVD. Seriously! Ahmed takes them on nature adventures finding condor eggs, pretending to be snakes, and ride bicycles, using imagination and yoga movements like you’ve never seen before. Ahmed is a genius yoga instructor and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much your kids will love doing yoga while viewing Playful Planet’s Storyland Yoga DVD. We bought a couple more to gift away. You can’t beat the price.”
~ Cecille DeMartini, Engineer and Entrepreneur

“Playful Planet gave my 4 year old daughter, Rosalie, her first yoga experience – and now she absolutely loves yoga. She asks to do Storyland Yoga regularly and walks around the house doing her yoga poses. It also got her doing other fitness activities – so I love that it has inspired her to be active and understand that fitness is fun.” ~ Michelle Raunezahn, Storyland Yoga Mom

It’s so easy to get caught up in the story and the positive environmental message, that you hardly even notice that you’re getting a yoga workout. It’s perfectly suited for kids, but can also be fun for mom and dad to join in, too. ~ Sweeps For Bloggers

I always wanted to introduce my love for yoga, which is huge in my culture, to my Kindergartner. I appreciate the benefits of the stretches, breathing, focus and meditative effects. My daughter started taking yoga in preschool and continued in the community and with friends. Storyland Yoga is wonderful in that it helps her concentrate on movements similar to animal behaviors. She loves to emulate the condor and whale and doesn’t realize she is getting exercise while staying focused. Looking forward to the next DVD. ~ Neomi Vembu, Graphic Designer and Mom


“Playful Planet has provided our family with both the tools and inspiration to help us maintain a healthy and green lifestyle.  Before Storyland Yoga, our son had already practiced a little yoga, but the DVD really helped him learn a lot more about the practice. I can’t wait to buy copies for friends and family!” ~ Jessica Brown, Storyland Yoga Mom


As an introduction to yoga, this DVD is perfect. My five year old follows the movements easily because they are presented in a fun, interactive way. The earth conscious stories are wonderful, and keep us engaged throughout. ~ Charley, California Kids (from reviews)

I don’t have kids, but if I did, you can bet that I’d have this DVD on the daily watch list. I invited my friend’s children over to do this DVD with me and we had a blast! Perhaps I’m 38 going on 8 but I loved the practices. My favorite parts were the bicycling in “Condor Trek” and Frog Pose (complete with ribbits!) in “Save the Whale”. We laughed, we had fun, and we got a nice stretch. The DVD promises to help children “connect with nature” and gain “respect for their own health and well-being” and I’d say that the DVD accomplished that and a whole lot more. Diane Cesa ~ The Everything Yoga Blog



“Before Storyland Yoga, my son and daughter had never done any yoga before, but that didn’t matter. They got so involved in the story line, that they weren’t concerned about doing it perfectly – the poses came naturally to them.” – Patty, Paso Robles, Homeschooling Mom

“Alaya loves her Storyland Yoga. It has really helped her to strengthen her body and find balance. She is a gymnast now and I think yoga helped give her a great physical foundation, as well as a lot of confidence and enthusiasm.” ~ Anne Obaldeston, San Luis Obispo

“My daughters and I really enjoy Ahmed’s teaching style. The way that he translates yoga positions into animals and elements of nature make the practice of yoga accessible for the little ones. It’s a great way to spend time together.”
– Vanessa Amerson, Smiling Dog Yoga Student


“I watched this video with my 10 year old.  As a pediatrician, I loved the message for teaching children about having a healthy body while connecting with nature – delivered in a playful, fun, engaging format.  As a mom, I was surprised that my son, who is older than the target audience for the video, played along while doing yoga as well.  He really liked it, and I wish I had found this when my dhildren were younger.

I definitely recommend this DVD. Very creative, and I think it will help to build the foundation for healthy mind/body/spirit practices for the kids who participate!” ~ Susan Hoffman, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician

“Storyland Yoga is a brilliant light shining for our future!
It was engaging, creative and pertinent! The DVD indeed teaches yoga in a gentle, entertaining and interesting way by the gentle, entertaining and interesting Ahmed Fahmy. But the story goes beyond a lesson about yoga; it is a much needed message to children about the beauty of the world they live in and how important it is to care for it. It is amazing how Ahmed imparts these messages with an aura of peacefulness and excitement at the same time! I was mesmerized as I watched Ahmed weave his magic with children and felt joyful about the possibilities for our children and our future. I know what will catch and hold children’s attention, and there is no doubt that any child would be as mesmerized and entertained as I was. Storyland Yoga DVD will most definately be included in our children center’s curriculum which is designed to prepare young children for their world. I hope parents everywhere will do the same!”~ Jody Eastman, Preschool Director


“This is a great activity for a parent and child to do together.  I have a 4 year old and a 5 3/4 year old and both were engaged during the story and both got great ‘movement therapy.’  Every parent should spend a 1/2 hour doing this interactive yoga with their own children – everyone will enjoy the obvious health benefits.” ~ Dr. Sandy Sachs, SLO Wellness Center