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We love it when we find a great source of interesting and helpful links, and we want to be one of ‘those places.’ We also think it’s helpful when you can see a brief description of WHY you should make the effort to ‘click-through.’ We’re hoping you agree!

Home Sweet Home

Care2 Green Living

Care2 has a great “Green Living” page that speaks to Health and Green Living, from food to pets to spirituality, and more. The website is driven by passionate people who want to restore the world’s balance. Care2 is committed to using the power of business to make a positive social and earth-friendly impact on the world.


EcoMall Cleaning Products

EcoMall is a resource for all manners of earth-conscious choices, and this link specifically provides information on eco-friendly cleaning products. Their aim is to be “A Place to Help Save the Earth,” and from reading the accolades they’ve received, I believe they may be doing just that.


EPA’s Consumer Tips

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) lists the basic consumer tips that you may have seen and heard before, but in a clean layout. It provides some good tips both by month and by subject. It’s a good place for quick reminders.

Health & Wholeness

Yoga from WebMD

It’s so nice to see the physicians at touting the benefits of yoga, which according to the good docs include: Flexibility, Strength, Breathing, Stress Reduction, Improved Concentration and Mood, Heart Health, and improvements to other Medical Conditions (including asthma, back pain and arthritis) and Improved Relationships. That’s one RX I’m happy to take.


Meditation for Kids

This website out of Australia has a really nice set of meditations MP3 downloads for kids ages 5-13. Topics cover Love, Peace, Who Is god (in a very allowing way,) Loving Yourself, and Choices.


KidsHealth Exercise

The award-winning is provided by Nemours, one of the largest nonprofit organizations devoted to children’s health. It is a good resource for many issues around health and development. It’s close to Playful Planet’s heart with topics like exercise, nutrition, recipes, and more.

Conscious Consumer


If you are local to San Luis Obispo, you can visit Araina at the Thursday night Farmer’s Market in SLO with a great sampling of the products she has lovingly researched and chosen.  If you can’t make it in person, simply click the link above to visit her website and see the results of the multitude of hours spent finding products that are sustainably made by conscious companies. This is truly a labor of love.



With eye-opening facts and practical solutions, this website cuts through the noise to wake people up on urgent consumption issues – it’s all part of their mission to educate and inform.


GenGreen Living Local

The goal of GenGreen is to be the most comprehensive and diverse resource available for people looking to live a locally focused, environmentally conscious lifestyle. This website was the result of one woman’s mission to make it easier for people to live sustainable lives. Thanks Charlisse for your vision and passion.


Eat Wild

This website is a good source for safe, healthy, natural, and nutritious grass-fed beef, lamb, goat, bison, poultry, pork, dairy, and other wild edibles – important to know about, especially if you’ve read Ominivore’s Dilemna.

Sustain Lane is an online community where you can connect with local people interested in living healthy lives on a green planet.

Community members post and discuss local green news, events, tips, information, coupons and jobs. It’s a massive site with millions of members, but we like the family section in particul

Read Up


The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest (ages 4 to 8 ) By Lynne Cherry

This classic children’s book is stunning in both its visual aspect and in its story that ultimately teaches about the terrible consequences of living in a world without trees and the beauty about the interconnectedness of all living things. Lynne has been spending much of her time recently creating documentaries about activist kids who are stepping up to the environmental plate. See what Lynne’s is up to here!


This Is My Planet: The Kids’ Guide to Global Warming (ages 9 to 12) By Jan Thornhill

Although she doesn’t shy away from the truth, Thornhill offers hope, showing where action can make a difference and providing evidence of the Earth’s amazing resilience and adaptability. A multitude of full-color photographs enhance Thornhill’s engaging, informative text. We like HOPE. Thanks Jan. Learn more about Jan here!


I Love Dirt (ages 3 to 8 ) and Let’s Go Outside (ages 8 to 12) By Jennifer Ward

Award-winning author Jennifer Ward has multiple titles for children, but these two books are geared toward parents and feature activities to do outside. Jennifer is into some serious fun. Check her stuff out here!


No Eat Not Food (ages 8 to 12) By Rick Sanger; Illustrated by Carol Russell

It’s so simple — “The plot teaches that real food is healthy for the individual and for the planet.”  No wonder this book is an award winner!

Fun & Games

Climate Change Kids Site

This is The Environmental Protection Agency’s website on climate change designed specifically for children. It’s got a great vibe – some fun games and a multitude of links to other kid-friendly eco-conscious sites.

Kids Clubhouse

This is a site for kids to help them explore the environment and learn how to protect it. Featuring games, pictures, and stories, the site is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

National Wildlife Federation for Kids

The producer of award-winning magazines (Animal Baby, Ranger Rick, and Your Big Backyard), the National Wildlife Federation’s website for kids has great games, crafts, experiments, recipes, and more fun stuff for kids. It’s a fun site to peruse.

The Great Green Web Game

T his cute game and quiz may be more suited for older kids, but it’s pretty fun and informative (even for me!). It will test your knowledge on how consumer choices affect the environment. Brought to us by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Simple Actions

Online Petitions

A really easy way to take action is to “squeak up” by signing a petition. Care2 has hundreds of online petitions about the environment, wildlife, endangered species, environmental health, global warming, climate change, national parks and forests, the Arctic, oceans, oil drilling, air pollution, water pollution, the rainforest, and more – yes, more! The site has gathered more than 42 million signatures. Way to go, guys!

The 3/50 Project

Support local businesses by picking 3 local, independently owned stores and spending $50 in each of them. Simple to do. BIG impacts.

Meanings In Motion

A deck of 22 cards that will allow you and your children to focus on powerful life skills that often get missed in the rush of daily life. Each card offers a valuable lesson, questions to inspire thoughtful discussion, as well as, fun activities.  Use these cards anywhere, anytime.  (Ages 5+)

EcoHeidi does “Green Crafts”

Check out this great blog from our new friend, Heidi Borchers.  She gives great tips for re-using your “trash” to make great looking crafts!