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Weekly Health & Green Tips: ARCHIVE

Each week, a new letter of the alphabet is introduced that represents a simple idea – a reminder of the small things we can do to make a big difference in the health of our families and the well-being of our planet. The following list represents all the topics that have been published to date. Enjoy.


simple as abc’s archive

    • Apologize This simple action can release the people on both sides of the apology ….more


    • Bag UR Own Use your own bags and save resources. They’re not just for groceries – bringing your own bag ….more


    • Be Here Now Taking the time to teach kids to be present in the moment and live in the now can give them a powerful tool…more


    • Consume with Care Passing healthy habits on to your kids prepares them for a life of fiscal and …..more


    • Compost Starting your own compost pile is a great way to save money,improve your family’s diet, and …..more


    • Decision Dharma Encouraging children to make their own choices by showing them…..more


    • Drink Water Although it is not as expensive as gold or silver…..more


    • Eat Real Food Moving away from processed food can be easy and satisfying on many levels….more


    • Eco Energy If you’re like most Americans, a majority of your life is powered by batteries or electricity…more


    • Fix It First How can you save money, improve your child’s self esteem, and help the environment?…more


    • Feel Ur Feelings Don’t cry! There’s nothing to be afraid of!” How many times have we said or heard another adult say these things to children?..more


    • Grow Ur Own Start growing your own food to improve your health, connect with nature, save money, and teach kids where food really comes from….more


    • Gratitude Attitude Being grateful is a way of looking at life, and at seeing everything, every person, and every possible experience as a gift..more


    • Holiday Redux Starting new traditions centered around giving is a great way to teach kids the real meaning of the holidays….more


    • Healthy Cleaning Healthy living is important and has to be looked at as a whole. …..more


    • Home Insulation Are you trying to do your part to conserve natural resources?…more


    • Intention Setting Do you know what kind of life you want to create for yourself and your kids?…..more


    • Juice Up Using a juicer is a simple and delicious way to make sure you and your kids are getting all the nutrients they need from fruits and vegetables every day…..more


    • Junk UR Mail Each year more than 100 million trees worth of junk mail arrive in American mailboxes. ….more


    • Karma Capitalism Every dollar you spend at a local store that supports local farmers, you vote for local, sustainable business…..more


    • Kindness First Do you need an emotional pick me up?….more


    • Live Locally In addition to supporting your local economy, ‘living local’ cuts down on the energy used to transport goods…..more


    • Lighten Ur Load We love buying things, owning things, and showing off things. Americans are especially known for their consumer mindset….more


    • Motivate Kids Ideally, we want to nurture self-motivated children who know what it takes to success, can visualize the steps they need to take, and will reach their goals….more


    • Meditate With the drop out rates in school, the stresses of growing up in a technology filled age and the pressure to be the best at everything….more


    • Nurture Nature…Loving the outdoors also makes us natural conservationists. Children who grow up connected to the world of nature are investing in protecting and preserving it….more


    • Plant Native Plants…Landscaping around your home is a great way to improve curb appeal. Lush lawns, green plants and colorful flowers are a welcome sight in any yard…..more


    • Organic 4 Life Buying organic means choosing products that have been created using natural materials and without the use of damaging chemicals….more


    • One World The singer and an activist, Bob Marley, put it so simply and inspired generations with his lyrics and vision of “One World, One Love”. ….more


    • Park UR Car…going completely car-free for many of families would be a big leap. But it isn’t all of nothing. You can still make a big impact on your health, the local economy, and the environment by choosing to drive your car less often….more


    • Play Everyday…Playing is an important part of childhood and when you have kids an important part of adulthood.. ….more


    • Quality Time…Oh quality time we never really get enough do we?….more


    • Rise Above…Empowering your children to face problems with clarity and a visualization of success. ….more


    • Seasonal Shopping…Yum, it’s springtime! Do your kids know what’s in season?
      They do if your family tries to source it’s food locally.. ….more


    • Share Resources…When we share our resources, we use less overall and we feel a stronger connection….more


    • Take A Hike…Getting outside has also been proven to help lower stress levels and put people in a better mood. If you choose to walk instead of drive, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint as well…..more


    • Travel Lite…Its the end of Summer and most people have taken a trip, be it a road trip, a plane trip or a camping trip. …..more


    • Unplug…Do you tell your kids to turn off the lights when they leave a room? Most of us know that leaving a light on in an empty room is wasteful……more


    • U R What U Eat…It’s often said that “we are what we eat”, but many of us don’t really know what we’re eating…….more


    • Veg Out…According to a study from Loma Linda University, vegetarians live about seven years longer than meat eaters…….more


    • Visualize…When we visualize something, our body responds as if what our mind is experiencing is real…….more


    • Water Wisdom…Talk to children about the importance of water conservation….more


    • Waste Free Lunch…Rethink the way you pack to send a lunch for your kids and create less waste….more


    • X-ercise…Core body strength, flexibility and developed lung capacity will set your child up for a healthy, active life…more


    • X-plore…Traveling as a family is a great way to encourage your kids to explore the world around them and embrace the differences they find…more


    • Yes I Can!…Through our beliefs, attitude, and words, we bring to life our thoughts and desires and we attract boundless opportunities…more


    • Yay for Yoga…When many of us think of yoga, we imagine complicated physical poses that require tremendous flexibility and core strength…more


    • Zap Plastic Crap!…Plastic is everywhere, and way too much of it is made from a non-biodegradable, petroleum-derived product that is difficult to recycle and manufactured in ways that are dangerous to the environment and wildlife….more