Help Our Planet

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Help Our Planet is the selection of our Simple as ABC’s to remind us all that our choices have a real effect in the real world ~~~ choose wisely.



B = Bag UR Own

Use your own bags and save resources.

They’re not just for groceries – bringing your own bag for any purchase is a great way to lower consumption – but how can you prompt yourself to actually do it?….More



C = Compost

Starting your own compost pile is a great way to save money, improve your family’s diet, and teach your kids about the world in which they live. No matter where you live, you can get your kids involved in starting a composting pile. And a family compost pile is fun!….More



F = Fix It First

How can you save money, improve your child’s self esteem, and help the environment? Learn to “fix it first.” Teaching your kids to make simple fixes can also empower them with a sense of accomplishment and resourcefulness….More



H = Holiday Redux

Starting new traditions centered around giving is a great way to teach kids the real meaning of the holidays….More



K = Karma Capitalism

Yes, I can make a difference!!

We know… the question is: how am I supposed to significantly impact the course of so many of these multi-national, multi-million (or billion!) dollar companies that are involved in all manner of harmful practices, whether it be sheer volume of carbon in the atmosphere or unlawful employment practices?….More



S = Share Resources

We understand that we share this planet with others. A great way to make sure our children will be able to enjoy a healthy environment is to practice one of the same lessons we constantly teach them: sharing….More



U = Unplug

It’s estimated that the passive energy loss from electrical appliances ranging from TVs to garage door openers generates more than 6 million metric tons of carbon emissions each year in the United States…More



W = Water Wisdom

Preventing pollution keeps water safe for drinking, while conservation reduces operating costs and the need to expand water infrastructures….More



Z = Zap Plastic Crap!

The best way to reduce the amount of bad plastic that’s made is to choose products made from organic and sustainable materials whenever possible…More