Healthy Bodies

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Healthy Bodies is the selection of our Simple as ABC’s that will help instill healthy choices at a young age that can serve our kids for a lifetime.



E = Eat Real Food

If you really think about all of the implications of eating processed foods, it becomes easier and easier to make healthier choices for yourself (and the planet automatically benefits!)….More



G = Grow UR Own

Plant the seed and watch it grow. If you start growing your own food you’ll improve your health, connect with nature, save money, and teach kids where food really comes from (and its not the grocery store)….More



J = Juice Up

Nearly every doctor, nutritionist or eating plan will recommend getting six to eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day for optimum health. Getting your kids to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day can be challenging, especially if they’re picky eaters!….More



T = Take a Hike

Getting outside has also been proven to help lower stress levels and put people in a better mood. If you choose to walk instead of drive, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint as well…..More



X = X-ercise

Making outdoor play a priority in your child’s life allows them time to improve their gross motor skills, exercise their imaginations, and practice problem-solving skills. Encouraging your children to play outside is also an important part of maintaining their health….More



X = Yes I Can

Understanding this universal truth can be empowering, and a family centered on this way of thinking will be strong, resilient against challenges and super-charged with successful energy…..More