Creative Kids

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Creative Kids is the selection of our Simple as ABC’s that empower kids in their creativity and their ability to create the world they want to inhabit.


D = Decision Dharma

Encouraging children to make their own choices by showing them the cause and effect relationship of consequences to those choices is incredibly empowering. Research suggests that teaching kids critical thinking skills can actually boost their IQ!….More


H = Holiday Redux

Starting new traditions centered centered around giving of yourself and helping others is a great way to teach kids the real meaning of holidays and to reinforce the values of conservation….More


I = Intention Setting

Do you know what kind of life you want to create for yourself and your kids? Channeling your wants into purposeful intentions helps to manifest those dreams into reality…..more


M = Motivate Kids

Inspire children to explore and succeed on their own. Motivated kids grow into motivated adults who are self starters, disciplined and in charge of their own happiness….more


R = Rise Above

While it’s important to let kids feel their feelings – give them space to be sad, angry, or afraid – it’s also important as parents that we teach them how to get beyond negativity…..more