Quality Time

Each week, a new letter of the alphabet is introduced that represents a simple idea – a reminder of the small things we can do to make a big difference in the health of our families and the well-being of our planet.


Q=Quality Time

Oh quality time we never really get enough do we? Rather it be with our kids, our friends, our families, or even ourselves. 

Making time for structured quality time with kids is important. Its important to set aside time daily that you know is time with kids away from TV, phones, computers, etc. Going on walks as a family or cooking dinner together while talking about your days is so great. One thing I think is great to introduce to kids is high low. Every dinner sit with your kids and talk about everyones high and low from that day. Its a great way to bond with your kids at any age and really see what is going on int heir lives.

  • One way is planning a day every week that is kids choose day. It could be going to the park and having a picnic. It could be going for family bike rides or hikes and exploring the nature around you and your home and your planet. 
  • Taking family vacations is great and there are so many price points you can do this with. It never has to be something extravagant. Camping is a great way to vacation as a family and really spend great quality time together living off the land. 
  • Quality time is also good for everyone mentally. Its a great way to rejuvenate from a rough week, calm down after a bad day and really become more centered as a family unit. 

I like the idea of spin wheels. These can be used for deciding what to have for each meal but also deciding what to do for family time. Each member would put an idea or two on the spin wheel which you can make together as a family and take turns daily spinning it to see which activity you will do during quality time. 

More Information: Great article from parents.com on how to spend more quality time with your children.