Play Everyday

Weekly Health & Green Tips

Each week, a new letter of the alphabet is introduced that represents a simple idea – a reminder of the small things we can do to make a big difference in the health of our families and the well-being of our planet.


P=Play Everyday

Playing is an important part of childhood and when you have kids an important part of adulthood. Children can learn so much through play and its very easy to make playtime learning time too. From simple activities such as sidewalk chalk drawing of shapes and writing numbers to play hop scotch to board games such as monopoly and candy land that encourage counting, taking turns and colors as well as numbers. 

  • Its also important for children to use their imaginations and have open ended play. Playing with a giant cardboard box a package came in or items found outside can really fulfill a child’s imagination and also help our planet and teach recycling. 
  • Its also important as a parent to show your children that your playful spirit never fades. If parents can be playful and have fun with their kids and encourage that playful-ness constantly children will grow up and never lose that playful way about them. That is so important for their imaginations as they get older. Kids should stay kids as long as possible. 
  • Setting aside time to play everyday is great. So many things in life can get in the way and just like its important to set aside time for ourselves encouraging children as they are growing up to set aside playful time is just as important. 
  • Also encourage outside play as much as possible. Local parks, your own backyard or front yard, bike rides, building forts and tree houses are all great ways for kids and adults together to have playful time and be in the fresh air. 









Learn More: This article from Scholastic on open ended play also encourages using items you could easily throw out to turn a playroom into a room for children to explore.