Storyland Yoga on TV

Coming in 2015 – Storyland Yoga TV Series! 

STORYLAND YOGA, the critically acclaimed, best-selling,  children’s yoga DVD is soon to become a national TV series on PBS. The series is a co-production of Playful Planet and Synchronicity Media with Emmy Award-winner, Julie Rosendo, producing. Multi-award winner, Bryan Duggan, is directing.  The series will be distributed on Public Television nationwide in 2015.  STORYLAND YOGA cleverly combines kid’s yoga with adventure-filled stories and an eco-conscious message. Kids of all ages, parents, and care-givers everywhere can join in on the fun when the series launches next year! 

Series host and Certified Children’s Yoga Instructor Ahmed Fahmy shares his gift of imaginative storytelling while the children become part of the story through yoga poses. Ahmed  encourages kids to be active, stretch their imaginations, and connect with nature. Through his fun stories, we journey “Under the Sea” to learn about our oceans, fish, and global warming, “Down Under” to meet Aborigine tribes and learn about sharing, and take an “Amazon River Trek” to learn about how rivers and rainforests influence the health of the planet.

 STORYLAND YOGA introduces kids to concepts of sustainability in a fun, physically active way that’s good for the mind, body and soul. Every fun-filled adventure on STORYLAND YOGA reinforces the idea to respect nature, animals and the earth, and through these lessons, kids see the importance of being good stewards of the planet now and throughout their lives. Get ready to play – the planet-friendly way!


Episodes to look for on the Storyland Yoga TV Series!


    • Totem Pole

      – A Native American Tribe’s water supply is threatened by pollution. By doing yoga postures, the kid’s unlock the wisdom of the totem pole animal guides, who empower them to find a solution to stop the pollution.

    • African Safari

      – Kids go on safari to help elephants, giraffes and rhinos survive a drought on the African Plains.  They meet Tarzan along the way and learn the Yoga Rain Dance as well as how to conserve water.  The grateful animals come to drink and shower when it begins to rain.

    • North Pole

      – Polar bears, penguins, whales and seals are losing ice and need help to promote alternative power and conservation.  The kids meet the animals and Santa at the North Pole to learn what they can do to preserve their home.


Brought to you by Playful Planet

Playful Planet  designs and produces interactive eco-conscious Edu-tainment, new media and related products that empower children and their families to live healthy, active and eco‐sustainable lives.

Playing It Forward

A portion of all Playful Planet sales is donated to Children’s and Environmental causes.

7 thoughts on “Storyland Yoga on TV

  1. My son age 2 1/2 just loves your DVD, we checked out from the library & are buying it soon! Hope to see more story land DVDs soon! It’s our favorite way to end our day before stories now. Thank you so much!!! Namaste!

  2. Hi there,

    My son loved your storyland yoga video! Has the series come out yet on tv? We would love to be able to view it. Thanks in advance for any details.



    • Hi Julie~
      Thank you so much for your kind note! We are so happy that your son enjoys his Storyland Yoga video. The TV show has not yet come out quite yet, but we are still working on it~ We will definitely keep our readers posted via the blog, facebook and our website!
      Take care~

      • Hi! Glad to hear you are working on a TV series. Though we don’t generally watch TV, this is something I would definitely turn the tube on for! We just recently discovered the DVD and my kids LOVE it!

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