Storyland Activity Series

A Comprehensive Offering of Engaging Activities

A set of entertaining and educational programs that cover a full spectrum of healthy topics that empower and engage kids in stories and playful activities


Storyland Activity Series©

The Storyland Activity Series™. educates and empowers children to make great choices for their own health and the well-being of the planet. The first in this series is the multi-award-winning Storyland Yoga, a fun-filled adventure story in which kids imitate animals, save an endangered species and learn yoga. Our next release is Storyland Cooking, A Farm-to-Plate Adventure, in which kids are engaged in a story where they stop a fake food factory, make their own healthy meals and gain respect for ‘Mother Earth’.

Stay tuned for more amazing, playful programs! Currently in development are five more titles — Creative Play©, Recycled Music©, Storyland Dance & Movement©, Storyland Fitness© and Storyland Martial Arts©. It is Playful Planet’s goal to provide this comprehensive set of activities, a well-rounded set of media and educational materials to inspire children and bring out their best — creatively charged, health-inspired, conscious citizens that are empowered to treat their bodies and the planet with respect!



Storyland Cooking: A Farm-to-Plate Adventure© starring Registered Dietician, Katie Cavuto-Boyle, involves kids in two fun-filled stories, Sleeping Kingdom and Mother Earth. The stories engage children’s imaginations in a cooking adventure, while infusing gentle eco-messages. Katie involves kids at home in food selection, menu design and food preparation, motivating them to eat healthier and better understand their own nutrition. Through hands-on activities, kids connect with the source of natural, organic foods, gain respect for ‘Mother Earth’, and enjoy eating delicious meals that promote health for them and well-being for the Planet.


Storyland Cooking: A Farm-to-Plate Adventure© features Katie Cavuto-Boyle MS, RD, noted Philadelphia chef and registered dietician. Katie has appeared on Rachel Ray and Food Network as well as other network cooking shows. She is a contributing health and nutrition writer for several national magazines and blogs such as, Healthy Eats Blog and Philadelphia Magazine’s – Be Well Philly Blog.