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Playful Planet’s Playful Programs

The initial spark of inspiration for the Playful Planet® vision was to create a set of programs containing a beautiful spectrum of engaging activities for kids to empower them to make good choices for their overall well-being and the well-being of the planet


Storyland Activity Series©


The basis for all of Playful Planet’s product is the Storyland Activity Series™.  It is our ultimate goal to provide a comprehensive set of media programs (along with their companion curriculum and mobile app’s,) that will inspire a well-rounded set of activities to bring out the best in our kids — creatively charged, health-inspired, conscious citizens that feel empowered to treat their bodies and the planet with respect!  Next up is Storyland Cooking: A Farm-to-Plate Adventure© (see more below,) and beyond that we will move into the realms of Creative Play, Recycled Music, Dance & Movement, Family Fitness and Martial Arts.  Stay tuned for more amazing, playful programs!



Award Winning Storyland Yoga©

Our first entry into the marketplace came with 4 prestigious awards and a promise for national distribution from WTTW-PBS Chicago for a 13-part series based on our popular Storyland Yoga© program. 

Customized corporate sponsorships are currently available with on and off-air benefits, including :15 on-air sponsor messages, DVD and online branding, and a robust educational component. For more details, contact Kim Hogan at


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Storyland Yoga©  (winner of Parent’s Choice Approved, Mom’s Choice Gold, “Dr. Toy “Best Green Product,” and Preferred Choice by Creative Child Magazine) is a wonderful way for families to enjoy “organic” time together.

Storyland Yoga© is a fun-filled adventure that infuses children with an eco-conscious message. Two unique stories, Save the Whale and Condor Trek, engage a child’s imagination through storytelling. Kid’s learn yoga postures by becoming part of the story and imitating animals. Yoga is great exercise and helps to calm children, giving them greater focus and increased clarity. By connecting with nature and gaining respect for their own health and well being, children become empowered to create solutions for the health and sustainability of our planet. Storyland Yoga© is equally fun for parents and family members who can benefit from yoga, while enjoying organic time with their children.



Storyland Cooking: A Farm-to-Plate Adventure© starring Registered Dietician,Katie Cavuto-Boyle, involves kids in two fun-filled stories, Sleeping Kingdom and Mother Earth. The stories engage children’s imaginations in a cooking adventure, while infusing gentle eco-messages. Katie involves kids at home in food selection, menu design and food preparation, motivating them to eat healthier and better understand their own nutrition. Through hands-on activities, kids connect with the source of natural, organic foods, gain respect for ‘Mother Earth’, and enjoy eating delicious meals that promote health for them and well-being for the Planet.

Storyland Cooking: A Farm-to-Plate Adventure© features Katie Cavuto-Boyle MS, RD, noted Philadelphia chef and registered dietician. Katie has appeared on Rachel Ray and Food Network as well as other network cooking shows. She is a contributing health and nutrition writer for several national magazines and blogs such as, Healthy Eats Blog and Philadelphia Magazine’s – Be Well Philly Blog.