Our Philosophy


Creating a Playful Planet by empowering kids and their families to be healthy and live sustainably!

Playful Planet aims to support families in raising healthy kids on a sustainable planet. Our earth-conscious, interactive, educational products tie the health and well-being of children to the health and well-being of the planet. Bringing families together to connect with nature, our products engage children through playful interaction, empower them through messages of conscious consumption and sustainability, and support parents through online tools and resources.



In a world filled with headlines of childhood obesity, climate change, diminishing forests, and so much more, Playful Planet’s interactive, educational products are about being part of a solution rather than focusing on the problem. We believe the solution can be found within our greatest resource – our children.

Our interactive DVDs, downloads,  and e-books and our soon-to-be curriculum and iPad apps – from our Storyland Activity Series, – engage children in better understanding health and wholeness by educating them in how their own health and well-being are connected to the health and well-being of the planet.

Our interactive website supports families by providing tools and resources that can guide them in raising healthy kids on a sustainable planet. We invite families from all over the world to interact as a community on our website where they can work together to discuss experiences, share insights, exchange stories, pose questions, and suggest solutions.

To help make our vision a reality, we collaborate with inspiring celebrities, experts, and passionate individuals such as Cesar Millan, KebMo, Lynne Twist, Bill McKibben, Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Terces and Matthew Englehart, Lynne Cherry and others who share our passion: Our planet. Your kids. Their future.

Visit our Playful Tube page to hear some of the inspiring words we’ve captured so far.