Meet Us

Playful Planet is a labor of love developed by husband and wife team, Bryan and Karen Duggan. It all started when we met in 2000, and for some reason, within weeks of meeting, were making a pact to “crank up the voltage of human awareness — by creating uplifting media that will both entertain and empower people.” Wow. Pretty lofty goal.

Fast forward 12 years, and a child (now 7,) and you will find us still operating under that mission but with a new name and a sharper focus. Now that we are Playful Planet, our mission is no less lofty, it just has a new spin. Our pact continues to morph as we grow, but currently we aspire to “develop media to inspire kids to healthy & sustainable lifestyles, from a young age, with fun, engaging and educational activities.”

Bryan and Karen Duggan, Playful Planet Founders