Intention Setting

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I = Intention Setting

Do you know what kind of life you want to create for yourself and your kids?

Do you think about what kind of world you want your children to grow up in? You probably do, but you might not be harnessing all the power of those wants and desires.

Channeling your wants into purposeful intentions helps to manifest those dreams into reality. When you make your intentions clear and known to yourself, your family and the world at large, it becomes easier to recognize the right path and take the best steps.

Even children can benefit from the easy steps of manifesting intentions. First, help them setting their minds on something. They, help them visualize the goal, as clearly as they can. Talk through it together, and tell them you can see it! Give them a simple affirmation to repeat that will reinforce their intention. The more you do this together, and they more they see you speaking your intentions out loud, the more this will become second nature to your family.

Intention setting allows our subconscious minds to work on our life dreams while our conscious minds take care of the details of daily living.

Simple Steps

  • Encourage regular journaling. Writing in a journal every day can be an effective tool for clarifying your own intentions. Putting thoughts into words on paper can help you decide where your intentions should be focused.
  • Make a family vision board. The act of making vision boards together can be a fun craft project for kids, but it’s also a great way to open the dialogue about family intentions. As you create, you can talk to your kids about your values and the power of visualization.
  • Display written intentions. Post your intentions on a bathroom mirror or write them on a wipe-board in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter where you put them, as long as you and your family members can see them regularly.
  • Set intentions before family activities. One way to teach kids (and adults) how to set intentions about the big things is to practice setting intentions for daily activities. “This picnic will be relaxing and peaceful.” This is an excellent tool for setting the mood for a family vacation or holiday weekend, events that are often stressful but can be enjoyable if approached with clear intent.

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