Help Your Kids Eat Healthy with Creative Personalized Labels-from Guest writer SashkaOct. 17th

Sashka wrote to us from Australia, sharing a very cool idea to help kids eat healthier! She can be reached here and here, so do send her some love when you get a moment!

Help Your Kids Eat Healthy with Creative Personalized Labels

Health and nutrition are integral parts of a child’s development. That is why it is so important for kids to eat healthy from a young age. They are still growing and developing and the vitamins and minerals in healthy foods help with this growth process. Eating healthy also helps kids learn good eating habits from an early age. Healthy eating will produce healthy kids and will lower the risk of diabetes and other weight related problems.

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There are some things that parents can do in order to help kids eat healthier at home and at school. First, try serving low-fat dairy products, lean meats and whole grain cereals and bread. These items do not taste much different from their unhealthy counterparts. Parents can also dramatically limit the intake of drinks that are high in sugar by replacing them with flavored water. Make sure there are healthy snacks available around the house, too. Leave a bowl of apples on the counter or grapes in the front of the refrigerator. If the healthy food can be easily seen it will more than likely be eaten. Another way to get kids to eat healthier is to ask them to help in the kitchen. Kids who help prepare dinner are more likely to enjoy the meal and learn about nutrition.

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Eating dinner together as a family is a good way to talk about your day and enjoy healthy food. Meal times should not be a place for punishment or fighting. Kids will associate these bad feelings with food and it will impact their eating habits. Avoid eating in front of the television as this can lead to overconsumption. Kids tend to mimic their parents so if the parents eat healthy, so will the kids.

Don’t put kids on restrictive diets but practice moderation. For example, a few cookies are okay after a healthy dinner but ten cookies every day is not. Another tip is to avoid making different meals for each child. Sometimes it will take a little bit of time for kids to like certain things. If the parents cook different meals for their children every time they do not like something it will not encourage the child to try new things. Instead, try and cook something that the whole family will enjoy while gradually introducing a new vegetable or grain.

One way that helps kids eat healthier at school is to give them food containers with personalized labels. Personalized labels on food and drink containers can get kids excited about using them. Kids who have a personalized lunch box or water bottle will feel pride in using them at lunchtime. It can also make it easier to tell which item belongs to whom if it gets lost. Personalized lunch boxes and water bottles also make eating a fun activity. Some online stores offer embroidered lunch boxes and personalized water bottles for kids. Children can choose their own designs from the choices on the website. The designs are contemporary and will appeal to kids of all ages and who have different tastes.

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Getting kids to eat healthy can be a huge struggle for parents. Most kids hate vegetables and can be extremely picky eaters. However, getting kids involved in the kitchen and keeping healthy foods in plain sight are some ways that parents can promote healthy eating. Small changes are the most effective at getting kids to eat healthier.