Healthy Family Project – After the RebootJun. 14th

WE made it!!!  Click on the video to hear a little about how this was for us.

There were definitely days in there where I wondered if we would make it through, but Bryan and I did the full-on Classic Reboot plan from the Join the Reboot site.  Well, there were a few modifications.  Bryan had to add grains back in early toward the end because he was heading back to work and his job is super physical.

I ‘had to’ celebrate my birthday on the 2nd to last day, so I ate some “Chocolate Mousse Pie” from Bliss Cafe in San Luis Obispo.  A vegan, raw food place that is super healthy, so it wasn’t a dairy filled, sugar laden dessert, but it sure was tasty!

So now we are now preparing to  head out to Live Oak Festival, where there will be plenty of tempting treats – but I am packing up a storehouse of our own tasty vittles so we can stay on our healthy track if we so choose. We’ve got (clockwise from top left): Quinoa Tabouleh, Mung Bean Stew, Vegan Potato Salad and Black-Eyed Peas Salad. Yum!

Will report back after the festivities!