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Each week, a new letter of the alphabet is introduced that represents a simple idea – a reminder of the small things we can do to make a big difference in the health of our families and the well-being of our planet.




H= Healthy Cleaning


Healthy living is important and has to be looked at as a whole.  You take care of your body. You try to eat well, exercise, and keep pesticides out of your food . What about your home? Keeping chemicals out of your home is pretty easy once you get used to it, and can even be less expensive.  Using less chemicals will benefit your body, your health, your home, and your savings. 


Simple Steps you can take might start with looking at how you clean and what you use to do so.  What  great household cleaners do you already have in your home that you can utilize?  Try these easy to find, safe to clean with products that will not only sanitize, but are healthy and chemical free. 


  •  White distilled vinegar is an easy to use household cleanser, and very effective in killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, because of its high level of acidity. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but is is economically good for you as well. A little goes a long way, and it even has the wonderful ability to get those stubborn coffee stains out of your cups or coffee pot- just put a little sea salt in with the vinegar, and wash gently.


  • A good friend of mine makes her own Borax laundry soap, and has a simple and easy to make “recipe” to do so that she got me started using. If you or your child has sensitive skin, this is something that you should try out. Using only Borax, Fels-Naptha, and Washing Soda, you can have all-natural clothing detergent for your family. Not having all the chemicals that come in the detergents you buy in the stores is well worth the time spent making the laundry soap, and you won’t get any false scents, either, Fresh, clean clothing is all you will have with this easy to make Borax Soap.


  •  Reducing waste from cleaning and cooking with aerosol sprays is another way you can remove some of your chemical use in the home. For example, one simple air freshener is to just simmer water and cinnamon on the stove. Anyone can do that! Fast, easy, and inexpensive- not to mention healthier then spraying something out of a canister that will do nothing but mask a smell and coat your nasal passages. Many companies such as The Pampered Chef also sells pumping, refillable bottles for misting your pan with oil that use a pump handle, not aerosol. Similar to commercial cooking sprays- but you can use a healthy cooking oil and wash and re-use the bottle when you are done. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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Visit Healthy Cleaning’s website and learn all about how to can make sure you are cleaning healthy for your family. Also check out the book, Clean Your Home Healthy. 

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