Happy Spring!Mar. 21st

Playful Planet’s Top Three List for an Eco-Friendly Spring!
With Easter and Spring just around the corner, Playful Planet brings you our Top Three sites for making Easter and Spring, Eco-Friendly! By that we mean, lets be aware of what projects we can do that use eco-conscinece materials and goods.
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First up, an alternative item to paint your eggs: Ecokidsusa.com has paints “made with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage.” Mmmmm, make me hungry! For only 15.99 you will get a kit with three natural dye colors along with a color chart showing you how to make six
different colors with the first three. They also have a “fun stuff,” page for more fun ideas.
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Next, check out Ecopartytime.com. Here you will find an assortment of all things eco friendly for Easter and Spring! You will find reusable felt, recycled plates and tableware, packaging and decorations. The help keep holidays and traditions “environmentally conscious as any other day, thanks to these innovative products.” they have a huge selection to choose from too!
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Last, Emily Anderson, a writer at Galtime.com, shares her ideas for a new traditions that make your Easter a bit more green! Kid will love making Lollipop flowers and bunnies! Or how about a shoebox basket. Also she give great advice on why not to buy plastic, especially the “green,” grass used to line baskets. Instead, use yarn….it’s reusable and comes in an array of colors!

Little steps are all it takes to make your holiday traditions

friendly to the environment.

Happy Spring Everyone!