Professor ChildFeb. 26th

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We believe in the power of story. And now we have discovered Professor Child and had to share this rich resource for children with you. Professor Child creates educational films that enrich a child’s understanding and supports their healing through difficult life circumstances. These powerful works are created through story-telling as children share their experience, strength, and wisdom. 

If you or someone you love could benefit from these helpful resources, check out these films: 

Children and Grief

Children and Divorce

Siblings and Autism

Children and Military Families

Professor Child also provides an excellent resource for teaching children mindfulness in Guided Meditations for Children which is available on CD or downloadable MP3 files. 

Teaching our children mindfulness through skills like meditation and yoga is a gift we can give to them as they face all of life’s changes and challenges, joys and excitement.

We’re going to be following along as Professor Child grows and provides our playful planet and its people with invaluable gifts. You can come along as well by following Professor Child on Facebook and Twitter


Head Start adopts Condor Trek Kids!Feb. 18th

We are beyond honored to announce that Playful Planet’s children’s yoga storybook, Condor Trek Kids, has been chosen as part of the curriculum in Head Start programs* here in California!

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 (logo from Head Start website)

Head Start serves 35 centers across these California counties….  

We could not be more honored, thrilled really, to be a part of the Head Start curriculum in these counties, and to be moving forward with so many other exciting endeavors behind the scenes. Stay tuned for more great news! (I know we keep saying that, but hey, we’ve been revealing a little at a time!)

*The Head Start Program is a program of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families. The program’s services and resources are designed to foster stable family relationships, enhance children’s physical and emotional well-being, and establish an environment to develop strong cognitive skills. (from wikipedia)


Highbrow: Quality educational screen time for kids!Feb. 16th

Today screen time for our children is (so very) accessible, and mostly fun. Our kids obviously enjoy kicking back with their tech-y gadgets. What many parents and caregivers are concerned about (rightfully) is the quality of the videos their children are coming across. Are they safe? Educational? Ad-free?

We have great news for you! Highbrow is making guilt-free screen time possible by curating educational videos created by award-winning producers and newbie video makers alike. Highbrow brings children productive screen time designed to engage them and support learning. All videos are pre-screened for quality and delivered ad-free.

You and your children can choose from categories of fun and educational videos…

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 6.34.37 AM Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 6.34.20 AM

Screenshot 2015-01-28 at 6.34.05 AM

(images from Highbrow) 


Highbrow also allows you to choose videos by age ranges…

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(images from Highbrow)

One of the best parts about Highbrow is how videos are curated. They have made it possible for you and I, teachers, producers and directors, and other grown-ups, to submit videos for consideration, and then if accepted, they pay video creators for sharing their work through Highbrow.

Playful Planet’s Storyland Yoga videos, and more, can be found on Highbrow now! 

To keep up with what we have to offer through Highbrow, click this cute lil’ owl and stay connected! 

We got to hang out with Riane Eisler!Feb. 2nd


“Recovering our lost relationship with nature does not just entail replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs; we’ve got to replace the stories and assumptions that broke that relationship in the first place with a partnership story that works.”  –Riane Eisler

We had the opportunity to visit with Riane Eisler to shoot a video for PlayfulTube. Riane graciously opened her home to us in Carmel, CA, and made us instantly feel like old friends. After a powerful one-hour interview, in which Riane’s eloquence, accessibility and laser detail left us in awe, she asked Karen and I to take a walk around her neighborhood. The sun was setting as we journeyed down the hill under a canopy of Monterey Pines. Riane held my arm as we traversed the rough terrain of an open field and witnessed the luminescent golds and oranges of the setting rays of sun as it disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t until we returned that I learned that Riane is 84 years old and had escaped the Nazis as a child! This remarkable woman is an inspiration, a powerful change agent and the real deal–gracious, joyful, humble, and funny. 

Rianne & Us

Bryan, Karen, Riane, at sunset.

Riane’s success goes beyond even her law degree, distinguished awards, and her ability to create and share valuable lectures to the likes of Congress and the UN General Assembly. These are all impressive, lovely, and inspirational things, but what sustains Riane is impactful because of where her abilities come from–her heart and mind breathe hope for a peaceful future. She lives the values of a belief system that can change our lives, our relationships and, most importantly, our dysfunctional violent ways. She believes in teaching our kids, and everyone, the power of sustaining peace and equality in our relationships and what that could mean for the future of our species and our planet.

“Why, when we humans have such a great capacity for caring, consciousness, and creativity, has our world seen so much cruelty, insensitivity, and destructiveness? This question has driven my research.” – Riane Eisler


Don’t miss what Riane had to share with us, friends:

“Our real wealth consists of the contributions of people and of nature.

We need an economic system that truly values the most important

human work: the work of caring for people, starting in early childhood,

and caring for nature.” -Riane Eisler

5 TED talks on caring for the planet and sustainabilityJan. 20th


Sustainability. What does it really mean? How do we look at it? Where do we go from here?

We’ve rounded up some of the best TED talks on sustainability for you, all in one place! 


THEN, TED has 12 talks in one place that focus on green architecture, called Sustainability by Design. If you or someone you know has a building project on the horizon, you don’t want to miss these talks, rich with resources, inspiration and ideas. 


and lastly, here is another excellent series of talks called Earth, appreciated. Any of the above would be great for a classroom or workshop, or simply to educate ourselves. Enjoy! 

links for your New Year!Jan. 8th

Happy New Year, Playful Planet friends! It’s that time again, when many of us think to begin again, to reach our highest potential, fast! Our goals and resolve to make positive changes in the new year are good things. Until they are not. Just like anything else, putting our minds to improvements can take on a negative life. We can fall victim to putting so much pressure on ourselves that we inevitably fail.

At Playful Planet, we believe in making positive changes, and we also believe in keeping our expectations realistic, so we have more personal sustainable energy for the long haul.

Life is full of trials and joys, we must go easy on ourselves so we can feel more free to live the beliefs we have.

So, in starting the new year, we simply want to share some good reads with you. Maybe for today, a small step we can take is to fill our minds and hearts with little doses of education and empowerment. Happy reading!  

Why yoga and kids go together on PBS Parents

Is Yoga Religion by Mary Rountree on YogaKids

“If I had a dime for the number of times someone in Alabama asked me if yoga were a religion, I would be a very wealthy woman. This question is one that arises a lot in all regions of the country, but especially in the Bible Belt where religion is a very important component of daily living. As a practicing yogini in the south, how does one address this question with a “yoga-like” answer? Well, its simple…”


Are Goals Setting You Up for Failure? on Karma Spot

“What a compelling reason to come to our mats! The more we get comfortable with the feelings of uncertainty, the more likely we can make sound choices for ourselves. The more we sit in discomfort, the more we find our voice of reason.”


May 2015 be filled with fun and a few more healthy choices! 


Yoga for Kids: Holiday gifts!Dec. 4th

This year, give your child (or any child you love) a gift that’s healthy and keeps the FUN in the holidays! Playful Planet has you covered, from stocking stuffers like our award-winning children’s yoga DVD, Storyland Yoga, and its accompanying Condor Trek book, to a travel set complete with a colorful kid-sized yoga mat! 





 Winner of 4 national Awards, Storyland Yoga is a fun-filled adventure that teaches kids yoga poses along with an eco-conscious message. In “Save the Whale” and “Condor Trek” kids engage in a story where they learn yoga poses by imitating animals.




Screenshot 2014-12-03 at 9.51.23 PM

Now Storyland Yoga is also available for download or rental via Amazon Instant Video! Download it today!




Condor Trek Kids is the book version of the fun-filled Storyland Yoga Adventure that teaches kids yoga poses, while it infuses children with eco-conscious messages, physical activity and literacy. And now you can get Condor Trek Kids FREE with a 30-day trial of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited! (700,000 book titles to choose from!)



Save with Gift Sets!

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Storyland Yoga DVD + Condor Trek Kids book


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Yoga poses book, mat, and travel set


The Storyland Yoga book–Condor Trek– FREE!Nov. 28th

With all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming your way, we wouldn’t want you to miss this one!! Right now, on Amazon, you can get Condor Trek, the Playful Planet book based on our award-winning Storyland Yoga DVD for kids, FOR FREE! 


Amazon has created an amazing service, at a low cost of $9.99 a month. It’s called KindleUnlimited, and it allows you to upload however many titles you can devour in a month, for yes, just $9.99! 

Even better, the trial period of 30 days is FREE. (You can find your way to YOUR free trial by visiting the Condor Trek page and clicking on “Learn more” next to the blurb about KindleUnlimited, on the right side of the picture of the book!)

So sign up for KindleUnlimited and upload Condor Trek and any other of the 700,000 titles that strike your fancy! 

-Condor Trek is priced at just $6.99 without signing up for KindleUnlimited
-We would absolutely fully appreciate it if you would take a moment to write a review on Amazon after you upload! Spread the love? *head bow* Thank you!

Grateful MondayNov. 24th

Hello, Playful Planet friends! 

It’s Thanksgiving week, which seems like the perfect time to get back to Grateful Mondays around here. 

Maybe you’ve noticed? We’ve had some work done, and we’re grateful for that! The website needed a little fine-tuning, and we hope it helps you find your way around, learn more about FUN and healthy living, and connect with the inspiring products, posts, and people that keep sustainable living playful. 

2015 is going to be here before we know it, and we’re grateful for some really exciting projects and endeavors we have in the works. It seems we’ve been saying that for a while, and that’s because the behind the scenes work of growth is always A LOT (of work, AND a lot to be grateful for), and is best not rushed, to bring the highest quality products, messaging, and projects to YOU. 

Yes, you guessed it, we’re really grateful for you. 

Happy Monday, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Playful Planet.