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Its the end of Summer and most people have taken a trip, be it a road trip, a plane trip or a camping trip. Trips are fun for the whole family and you can always find something educational about them which is great. New areas offer great places to explore, learn and grow as a person and as a family in general.

If you are driving a car on a lot of your trips have you ever looked into hybrid or fuel efficient cars? Remember a few years ago people thought it was a fad? That they were so hard to come by and it was something all the celebrities are doing? Now today only 4% of the population in 2013 has hybrid cars. While that number doesn’t sound staggering its actually grown 73% in the last 2 years. That is because more and more car manufacturers are making these cars. Toyota started the craze and now everyone else is jumping on board. This is a great way to help the environment if your family takes a lot of road trips.

If you are a family that fly’s a lot of places consider this take what you actually need. I know crazy right? I am the queen of overpacking. But teaching your kids at a young age to pack what they actually need on a trip is a great lesson. One great thing about traveling with young ones I heard is this: Take your kids clothes put them in gallon size ziplock bags everything from hair bows, belts, hats, under garments, shirts, dresses whatever. Say you are gone for 7 days you have 7 bags. Lets the kids pick a bag each day. Not only does it save you time but that way they still feel like they get a say and you don’t feel like you have over packed or like you are doing crazy amounts of laundry post vacation. Also be aware that every mile you fly on vacation each passenger is equal to driving an SUV the same distance fuel wise. Which is not very earth friendly.

Also don’t forget about great local vacations and travel spots. Camping is a wonderful way to spend time with your family and if most areas have camp grounds not far from home. So not only are you traveling lite but you are teaching your kids so many valuable lessons about living on less.

Try to keep in mind responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people.

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