Junk UR Mail

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J=Junk UR Mail 

Each year more than 100 million trees worth of junk mail arrive in American mailboxes. There are so many ways you can prevent this in your own home. We all want to make a difference in some way and stopping the insane amounts of junk mail that creep into our mailboxes everyday is a great way to start. 








Simple Tips for Junking Your Mail:

  • Sign up for paperless billing. This is probably the easiest one. Every single banking statement, bill, student loan statement etc now can be received, paid and taken care of online. This cuts down about half the mail we receive each day. All you have to do is log in to each of these sites and look for the place where it tells you to “go paperless.” That few minutes will save millions of trees’. 
  • Get off catalog lists. How many catalogs do you get each week that you never look through? Probably a lot right? With shopping online so easy catalogs are really becoming outdated. Simple just go to the website, or call the company and ask them to not send you catalogs anymore. Even if you are recycling them its still wasting trees just for them to be printed.
  • Sign up on websites that ban junk mail. If you google this there are tons of sites that you can put your address on that will take you off lists and cut the weight of your daily mail in half. As much as we love getting mail wouldn’t you rather it be a letter from a friend or a nice card rather than a bunch of junk?

Learn More 

This is a great website that talks about stopping junk mail and the ways you can prevent unwanted mail from getting in your mailbox everyday. 

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